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Get a partial refund for a missed flight.

If you missed your flight (no show) there is hope. You will almost always be entitled to a partial refund of your ticket even if it is non-refundable in full.

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Get a partial refund.

  • It's always extremely frustrating to miss your flight. Thankfully, in most cases, you are eligible for a partial ticket refund.
  • No matter the reason for you being unable to take your flight, we’ll get a refund of at least part of your airline ticket.

In the majority of countries, there are laws which provide for the recovery of certain taxes, royalties, levies and/or other airports fees by the passenger in the event of a missed flight.

The recoverable amounts vary significantly according to the airport, the country and the airline company. Rest assured that we are committed to recovering these sums for you.

No matter why.

As long as you were unable to board your flight, you are entitled to a partial ticket refund.

This holds true no matter the reason for you missing your flight: whether you simply decided to no longer travel or because you arrived late to the airport, you will have the right to a partial ticket refund.

  • Be careful not to confuse missing your flight of your own volition with not boarding on the flight because the airline cancelled the flight or because you were refused boarding by the airline staff (e.g. an overbooked flight). In these cases, you are potentially entitled to a much larger compensation under the EU 261 Regulation. Click here for more information.

Important note: If you purchased travel insurance, be sure to tell us so that we can recover the maximum amount of compensation.

Amounts vary with destination

The amount to which you are entitled will depend on various factors, notably:

  • Your place of departure and arrival;
  • The number of layovers;
  • The location of the layovers;
  • The domestic legislation of each country regarding airport taxes.

Our compensation calculator will estimate the recoverable amount for you.

Get a percentage of your ticket fare

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Weclaim wins in and out of court

908.08€58% of the price ticket refunded

Weclaim got Natacha a partial refund of 908.08€ for a return trip from Paris to Bali in April 2016 that she did not use. The Initial price of the non refundable ticket was 1,546.79€. Natacha bought her ticket on Edreams.

420.35€52% of the price ticket refunded

Robert obtained a refund of 420.35€ for a return trip from Paris to Bangkok in December 2014. The initial ticket price was 801.35€. Robert had bought his ticket on Opodo.

407.60€26% of the price ticket refunded

Laurent obtained the refund of 407.60€ for a missed flight from Paris to Noumea in May 2013. The price of the initial non-refundable ticket was 1,561.40€. Laurent bought his ticket on Opodo.

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Trust us, companies will use any and every argument possible in order to avoid having to reimburse you. Our team of experts is extremely well-versed in the Travellers protection Regulation and will fight tooth and nail to have your rights enforced.

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You claim will sent within 72h. Guaranteed.

On average, you will receive your compensation within 67 days in case of a settlement. Track your claim progress through your dashboard and get notified along the way.

* Based on real data.

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