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Get airline compensation for lost, delayed and damaged luggage.

Claim up to $3500 if your checked-in luggage is delayed, lost or damaged on a US domestic flight pursuant to US Federal Regulation 14 CFR Part 254.

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LuggageUS Federal law scope

All domestic flights are covered.

If you're flying domestically within the US (including Guam, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands) airlines can potentially owe you thousands. If an airline delays, loses or damages your bag on a US domestic flight, the Department of Transportation requires that the airline compensate you up to a maximum of $3,500 pursuant to 14 CFR Part 254.

LuggageUS Federal law

Regulations leave a lot of wiggle room for airlines to stonewall customers who report baggage problems. The rules give airlines a lot of leeway to decide how much they'll reimburse you. The definition of 'essentials items' can be a sticking point when it comes to compensation. Some airlines may argue that "essential items" are classified as toiletries, underwear or laundry costs rather than a brand new outfit. This is illegal.

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Luggage Delayed

If your bag is delayed, you are entitled to a refund of all reasonable expenses incurred while waiting for your belongings.

Luggage Damaged

If your bag is damaged, you are entitled to a refund for the repairs or to a compensation for the depreciated value.

Luggage Lost

If your bag is lost, you are entitled to compensation for the value of your lost belongings and / or the reasonable expenses incurred.

Under US law, airlines are also required to refund any checked-bag fee if the bag is lost.

Important note: Get Transport cost refunded: If your luggage turns up a day or two late, it’s up to the airline to make arrangements for getting it to you as efficiently as possible. If you had to spend money to retrieve your luggage, you can claim a refund.

Airlines owes you more than than they'll tell you.

Airlines are not allowed to refund a mere percentage of your expenses.

En 2011, le département des Transports des États-Unis a exigé que toutes les compagnies aériennes nationales remboursent aux passagers toutes les "dépenses raisonnables" en cas de retard de bagages, jusqu'à concurrence d'un montant de Sur la base d'une plainte d'un consommateur en 2011, le ministère des Transports a infligé une amende à Lufthansa. pour avoir dit aux passagers que la compagnie aérienne ne rembourserait que la moitié des frais d'habillement réclamés en raison d'un retard de bagages.

The agency has also reminded airlines that they cannot exclude items like computers, cameras or jewelry from their baggage liability on international flights (although these exclusions are allowed for domestic flights).

For instance, if you were traveling to race in a triathlon and your bag wasn’t to you by race day, you'd need to go out and buy all new swimming, biking, and running gear. Keep the receipts for all of it and the airlines must pay you back.

Mind the deadlines.

For US domestic flights, the time limit to file a written complaint varies by airline but can be narrow: United asks customers to submit a written report of a delayed bag within four hours of the flight’s arrival, and most airlines give passengers just 24 hours to report damage to a bag. If you miss this deadline, we will challenge the provision as an unfair term.

Weclaim wins in and out of court

500€Brussels Airline sanctioned in court for Montreal Convention violation

Ignace suffered a delay in his baggage delivery. Brussels Airline stubbornly refused to compensate Ignace. Weclaim secured a positive court decision in 6 months. The Tribunal of Aulnay sous bois (France, EU) ruled that "It is clear from all the material provided that Mr I. can claim damages because of the failure of Brussels Airlines".

353.54€Weclaim obtains unprecedented victory in Belgium court on compensation for moral damages

Julien D. suffered a delay in his baggage. Vueling agreed to partially compensate him for his loss by only reimbursing a portion of the purchases made. Weclaim fought in court to obtain a full refund of the purchases made and compensation for the moral damage suffered. 12 months later, Vueling was ordered to pay. The judge ruled that : "The deprivation of all his luggage for 7 days necessarily caused Mr D. moral damage which the court is able to assess at the sum of 100€".

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