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Get compensation for delayed ferry.

If your cruise or ferry crossing is delayed, the Regulation (EC) 1177/2010 provides for a right to compensation ranging from 25 to 50% of your ticket fare plus additional compensation based on actual damages suffered.

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Delayed ferry:EU 1177 Scope

This Regulation EU 1177/2010 applies in the two following situations:

Leaving the EU

When your departure point is a European port, no matter the nationality of the shipping company.

For example: in the case of a cancelled cruise from Southampton to New York on the Queen Mary 2, the EU 1177 will apply.

Arriving the EU

When your arrival point is a European port, as long as the shipping company is European as well.

For example: In the case of a cancelled ferry scheduled to leave from Tangier to Barcelona on Grandi Navi Veloci Ferries, the EU 1177 Regulation applies.

Delayed ferry:EU 1177 Compensation

Once you've arrived at your port of destination, you are entitled to compensation, which will be calculated as a percentage of the ticket price. (Article 19, EU Regulation n°1177/2010).

Get up to 50% of your ticket fare

+ additional damages

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Initial duration of journeyTotal delay% of ticket price
Less than 4hLess than 1hLess than 2h25%50%
Between 4h & 8hLess than 2hLess than 4h25%50%
Between 8h & 24hLess than 3hLess than 6h25%50%
Less than 24hLess than 6hLess than 12h25%50%

Good to know:

  • When it's a return trip, the compensation for a delayed arrival in one direction will be calculated as a percentage of half of the price paid.
  • The compensation is to be paid within a month following the date of the claim. It can be paid in the form of vouchers and/or other services as long as the conditions are flexible, particularly those regarding the period of validity and the destination. However, if you prefer to be paid in cash, you are well within your rights to demand this.
  • The shipping company can refuse to compensate you if the sum is less than 6€ (about £5.50).
  • It is strictly prohibited for the shipping company to charge you any administrative or transactional fee when transferring your compensation.

Delayed ferry:EU 1177 Care and Assistance

In the event of a cancellation or a long delay (more than 90 minutes), you are entitled to choose between getting a complete refund or being re-routed.

Ticket Refund

If ever your ferry is cancelled or subject to a long delay, you can decide to not travel anymore and obtain a full refund in exchange.

The company must refund you the full ticket price and have you transported back to your original departure point as quickly as possible and at no additional cost. So, if you take a train from London to Portsmouth and your ferry from Portsmouth to Caenis subsequently cancelled, the shipping company must see to it that you are transported back to London free of charge.

As for the refund, the shipping company must reply to your request within 7 days of the request and at no point should it demand that you accept vouchers instead of cash.


If your ferry is cancelled, you are entitled, should you indeed wish to continue your journey, to be rerouted to your final destination at no additional cost to you. The route taken must be somewhat comparable to what was originally booked and the company should make sure that you arrive as soon as possible..

Defining "as soon as possible" has sometimes proved problematic, as some shipping companies propose alternative routes days after the initial arrival date. If you're travelling on vacation, this is obviously not ideal.Do not hesitate to contact us for further clarification on this point!

Good to know: The following offer is only made to passengers travelling by boat or by ferry and not to those travelling by cruise ship (under EU law, a "cruise ship" is defined as a transport service by sea or inland waterway, operated exclusively for the purpose of pleasure or recreation, supplemented by accommodation and other facilities, exceeding two overnight stays on board).

Delayed ferry:EU 1177 Extraordinary Circumstances

CauseCompensation due
Internal strikeYes
External strikeNo
Adverse weather conditionsNoBeware as carriers often claim this as a loophole to avoid paying.
Technical issuesYes
Issues on previous rotationYes
Port closureNo

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