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Ryanair 2018 summer strike: The UK Civil Aviation Authority releases a statement in favor of the passengers

Ryanair has been cancelling more than 1000 flights this summer.

Passengers are sometimes mistakenly told that they are not entitled to compensation.

We believe passengers are legally entitled to compensation.

So does the UK Civil Aviation Authority.

In a recent statement, the UK Civil Aviation Authority responded to Ryanair's refusal to compensate passengers' whose flights were disrupted during the planned industrial action. A spokesperson for the UK Civil Aviation Authority, said: “Passengers have the right to seek compensation under EU legislation when flights are delayed by three hours or more, cancelled or when they are denied boarding".

We note that the recent industrial action is not by Ryanair's UK employees, but it is the view of the UK Civil Aviation Authority, taking account of previous Court rulings, that when a flight cancellation is caused by strike action by the airline's employees, the airline is required to pay compensation to passengers in respect of the cancellation of the flight, if it has not warned passengers of the cancellation at least two weeks prior to the scheduled time of departure".

In the case of the most recent industrial action involving Ryanair, passengers must first submit their claim to the airline and if they are not satisfied with the response, they can seek redress via the approved Alternative Dispute Resolution service."

Weclaim is ready to take action everywhere in Europe against Ryanair if Ryanair continues to reject compensation claims.

Passengers can start a claim with us today.

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by Frédéric PELOUZE, Weclaim Founder and Director

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