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Get airline compensation for lost, delayed or damaged luggage.

Claim compensation if your checked-in luggage is delayed, lost or damaged on a Canadian domestic flight.

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LuggageCanadian domestic flights compensation

The liability limit would be the amount outlined in the carrier’s domestic tariff.

The tariff is the contract of carriage between a passenger and their air carrier and covers the rights and responsibilities of an airline passenger and the carrier’s obligations to the passenger.

Weclaim wins in and out of court

500€Brussels Airline sanctioned in court for Montreal Convention violation

Ignace suffered a delay in his baggage delivery. Brussels Airline stubbornly refused to compensate Ignace. Weclaim secured a positive court decision in 6 months. The Tribunal of Aulnay sous bois (France, EU) ruled that "It is clear from all the material provided that Mr I. can claim damages because of the failure of Brussels Airlines".

353.54€Weclaim obtains unprecedented victory in Belgium court on compensation for moral damages

Julien D. suffered a delay in his baggage. Vueling agreed to partially compensate him for his loss by only reimbursing a portion of the purchases made. Weclaim fought in court to obtain a full refund of the purchases made and compensation for the moral damage suffered. 12 months later, Vueling was ordered to pay. The judge ruled that : "The deprivation of all his luggage for 7 days necessarily caused Mr D. moral damage which the court is able to assess at the sum of 100€".

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On average, you will receive your compensation within 67 days in case of a settlement. Track your claim progress through your dashboard and get notified along the way.

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