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Can Ryanair limit is liability to 2 years? UK court says no.

No, no and no.

If you experienced a delayed, overbooked or canceled flight with Ryanair, you may wonder: is it too late to claim compensation?

Note that time limits are determined by law not by an Ryanair's term and conditions.

Here is why:

Some airlines, such as Ryanair, introduced into their standard terms and conditions a provision limiting their liability to 2 years.

In a recent ruling against Ryanair the Manchester County Court declared such a standard term and condition not applicable. While the airlines may be outraged by this ruling (Ryanair loses flight delay court case), it does not surprise that a standard term and condition may not change to the detriment of consumers a mandatory time limit.

Note that in the UK this time limit has been set at 6 years by the Supreme Court ruling in Dawson v Thomson Airways.

by Frédéric PELOUZE, Weclaim Founder & Director

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