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Travellers' rights can be confusing.We've got answers.

US travel rights for mishandled baggages.

Weclaim's world-class travel legal experts have prepared for you practical answers to the most common questions you may have regarding your rights pursuant to US Federal Regulation 14 CFR Part 254 if your baggage was lost, damaged or delayed. If you don't find the answer to your question, contact us or check the amount you are entitled to free of charge now.

What to do if your us baggage mishandled.

In which cases will the legislation apply?

14 CFR Part 254 will apply to all US domestic flights.

If your problem is with an international flight, you may be eligible for compensation under the Montreal Convention.

For US domestic flights, the time limit to file a written complaint varies by airline but can be narrow:

United asks customers to submit a written report of a delayed bag within four hours of the flight’s arrival, and most airlines give passengers just 24 hours to report damage to a bag. If you miss this deadline, we will challenge the provision as an unfair term.

How much am I entitled to under US law?

14 CFR Part 254 provides that you can get up to $3500.

Ready to get cash compensation?

If you experienced a travel disruption in the past five years, you might be owed some money. Give us your travel details and you’ll discover instantly how much you can get.