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Travellers' rights can be confusing.We've got answers.

Your rights in the event of missed flight.

Weclaim's world-class travel legal experts have prepared for you practical answers to the most common questions you may have regarding your rights if you missed your flight. If you don't find the answer to your question, contact us or check the amount you are entitled to free of charge now.

What to do if your a missed flight.

When will my refund claim become time-barred?

The EU 1177 Regulation sets out two (2) periods which must be respected:

Written complaint: You have two (2) months from the date the issue arose to send a written complaint to the carrier. If no complaint is sent to the carrier within this window period, all rights to a claim will be lost.

Court claim: If a written complaint was sent to the maritime carrier within the aforementioned window period and it rejected your claim, you have several years to go to the Court. Please note that the applicable limitation period depends on the country with jurisdiction over your claim.

In France the limitation period is 5 years.

Find here the various limitation periods and jurisdiction rules.

If the carrier offers me a voucher instead of a bank transfer, am I obliged to accept?

No. You are completely free to choose to be compensated in cash.

If the carrier refuses to pay you, start a claim with us today.

I missed my flight, Am I eligible for a partial refund?

There is no harmonising legislation regarding partial ticket refunds in the event of missed flights and domestic laws will therefore apply. However, most jurisdictions provide for the possibility of such a refund upon the request of the passenger.

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