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"Full to full" or "Collect full, return empty": what’s the best deal?

FULL TO FULL is the best deal.

Here is why:

  • This option, which involves you receiving a vehicle with a full tank and returning it empty is probably the most expensive as you won’t be refunded for any petrol you don’t use.
  • Also, it’s not easy to return a car with an empty fuel tank, so you’re bound to lose out.
  • Plus, you will be charged more for the petrol provided than you would at a local petrol station.

A “full-to-full” policy always works out at the cheapest – and easiest – option.

Some firms, such as Avis, still mainly operate full-to-full.

That said, you must ensure you return the vehicle completely full, because if the tank is not full, you will be hit with a refuelling charge.

by Frederic Pelouze, Weclaim Founder & Director

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