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What are the prejudices sustained by the owners of fraudulently equipped vehicles?

The “dieselgate” scandal has two main consequences for European victims:

Negative consequences caused by the fixing software that Volkswagen proposed

Weclaim has obtained the results of an independent study on the potential consequences to fixing the cheating software on Volkswagen vehicles. Reducing engine-out NOx would likely result in: - Reduced performance; - Additional consumption of diesel fuel; and - Affect durability of the vehicle. Experts have also anticipated an increased number of particular matter compelling owners to sell or replace their car sooner than expected. Such risks are not ill-founded: Passat recalls have already been halted for such reasons (for more information about Passat recalls, please click here).

The scandal will surely affect the resale value of the vehicles

Some studies have shown that resales of VW vehicles fell in numbers in the wider market following the emissions scandal, for a number of reasons: - Consumers now fear the negative impact of the fixing software - They do not feel as confident in the company as they did before the scandal. - They feel uncertain about the future of vehicles whose motors do not respect the pollution regulations, thus risking additional future problems. In addition, the scandal highlighted the problem of diesel consumption leading more and more costumers to rethink their consuming habits leading them to buy “cleaner” cars. In such a case, the scandal does affect the resale value of the car for future resellers.

*These two factors combined clearly evidence that the Volkswagen Group has harmed its consumers. This is the reason we encourage them to join us in our European class-action against the German group.

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