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My luggage is lost or its delivery is delayed: can I purchase first necessities?

If your luggage is delayed or lost you have the right to purchase necessities, more especially toiletries and clothing.

This is from the moment you are made aware that the Airline company is unable to deliver your luggage, because it is delayed or lost (often you will only be aware later on if your luggage is actually lost or just delayed).

Therefore, you are only allowed to purchase essential necessities, except if the airline company is able to deliver your luggage within a reasonable delay (a delay is reasonable only if it amounts to a few hours).

If the Airline company is unable to guarantee you a reasonable delay for the delivery of your luggage, you are then entitled to purchase clothing and necessities. You will also be able to claim the refund of these purchases from the Airline company.

There are two case scenarios in which you will not be able to get a refund for these purchases:

  • if the Airline company has provided you with a necessities kit as well as all clothing necessary while you await the delivery of your luggage; and/or

  • if your luggage is delayed on a trip that will lead you to return to your home where you are supposed to have access to toiletries and clothing.

Beware : In order to get the refund of these purchases, you will need to provide us will all the invoices.

If your luggage is officially declared lost, you will be able to claim the refund of the lost content.

You have questions regarding your rights? Contact us, our legal advisers will answer you by phone at (+33) 1 86 76 10 58.

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by Frederic PELOUZE, Weclaim Founder and Director

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