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What should I do if I arrive at destination and my luggage is missing?

You have arrived at your final destination but your luggage is nowhere to be found? Here are the steps to follow.

File a report at the airport

As soon as you realise that your luggage is missing, got to the luggage desk of the airport to fill in a report.

This report is often called a "Property Irregularity Report" (PIR) which enables you to inform in writing the airline company that your luggage is missing.

This document is essential to be able to file a claim and obtain compensation from the Airline company.

Online reporting

If you were unable to fill in a PIR at the airport, you should know that some airline companies allow you to fill in an online PIR on their website within a few hours or days following the arrival of your flight.

Be careful, as the deadlines for filling a PIR can be very short!

If you have not yet done so, visit your airline's website as soon as possible to see whether you can still file a PIR.

Claiming compensation

The claim must be sent by registered post within a delay that will depend on the nature of your claim and your destination.

Weclaim is able to assist you with such claims. We can deal with your claim in its entirety, from filing it with the air carrier until final resolution. You just need to provide us with the documents regarding your flight and invoices regarding the loss or damage to your luggage.

Our legal advisers will evaluate your right to compensation and send your claim to the airline company in order to have your rights respected!

You have questions regarding your rights? Call us, our legal advisers will answer you by phone on +44 203 823 6404.

You can also start a claim here.

by Frédéric PELOUZE, Weclaim Founder and Director.

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