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Instances when you will not be entitled to compensation for denied boarding

Always check yourself before you check in!

Aside from not checking in and presenting yourself to the boarding gate on time, there are additional instances when an airline is not obliged to compensate you in instances of denied boarding.

If you do not have:

  • the correct visa,
  • an undamaged passport, which is not about to expire,
  • the appropriate travel documents for your assistant animal,
  • the appropriate court forms if you are travelling internationally as a single parent with a child,
  • the appropriate health and or vaccination documents. You may be denied boarding and no compensation will be payable.

The important thing to note is that the cause can vary according to the airline and requirements of the countries you visit.

If you’ve been denied boarding and don’t fall within the above exceptions, get in touch and we will obtain your compensation on your behalf!

1 May 2019

Written by Frédéric Pelouze, Weclaim Founder and CEO

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