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First 2016 holiday week-end: Spanish airline Vueling cancels more than 30 flights

This first holiday weekend will stay in many minds as one of frustration and disappointment.

Indeed «low-cost» Spanish airline Vueling cancelled 20 flights on Saturday and 14 on Sunday, causing hundreds of travellers to face a nightmare situation, blocked at airports with no information whatsoever about the goings-on of their transportations. London, Paris, Roma, Algiers, Oran or Malta are amongst the many destinations that could not be reached by Vueling aircrafts.

Justifications for the chaotic situation came up late and were relatively vague. French newspaper Le Parisien collected numerous testimonies from angry travellers, frustrated to see their first holiday weekend go up in smoke: “Vueling merely stated the cancellations were caused by operational problems and apologized briefly to its customers."

However, the precise reasons behind the cancellations and excessive delays evidence a serious lack of professionalism amongst the airline company. Stavla, the union that represents the airline's staff, put those difficulties down to a bad and overly ambitious planning compared to the fleet that Vueling actually possesses.

Catalonian authorities have already declared they would impose sanctions against the company whose actions have harmed the touristic potential of the eastern region. A meeting is planned today, Monday July 4th.

David Garcia Blancas, sales manager at Vueling, has announced the company would reimburse the travellers that couldn’t reach their destinations. Several questions remain: when? Up to what amount? Will travellers’ expenses be taken into account?

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by Frédéric PELOUZE, Weclaim Founder and Director

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