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Can an airline avoid its liability to pay you compensation for a delayed or cancelled flight under EU261 by claiming it was due to a "technical issue"?


The European Court of Justice in Wallentin-Hermann v Alitalia (12.12.107 C-549/07) ruled that technical issues of aircrafts are “inherent” to the operations of an airline, such that they are not “Exceptional Circumstances” (the exception to liability under European Regulation 261/2004).

This holds almost all of the time, unless the technical issue was as a result of, for example, a hidden manufacturer defect (which happens almost never).

If this “technical issues” excuse is given to you - always ask for evidence as the onus of proof rests with the airline. Get in touch with us now and our legal team will assist you! You can also start your claim here.

April 26th 2019

written by Frederic PELOUZE, Weclaim Founder and Director

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