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Unused ticket: how to claim airport tax refund

In case of a non refundable unused ticket you are entitled to get the airport taxes refunded.

Why are airport taxes refundable?

Airport taxes are imposed by governments and local authorities. Airlines companies collect these taxes for the government. However, these taxes need only to be collected if a passenger effectively takes the flight.

If the passenger did not take his flight, whatever the reason may be, no taxes are to be levied.

Since the taxes were already paid at the time the passenger paid for his ticket, airlines keep the money for themselves.

The airline is under no obligation to systematically reimburse passenger with the amount of airport taxes they paid if passengers don’t actually claim it.

How to get the refund?

You simply have to contact the airline customer service and ask for the reimbursement of airport taxes.

Alternatively, start your claim with Weclaim now!

by Frédéric Pelouze, Weclaim Founder and Director

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