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Take advantage of the most advanced legal technology to serve your customers.

A Weclaim partnership will turn travel disruptions into cash for you and your clients.

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Give your customers someone to turn to.

Most travellers who are eligible for compensation don't even know their rights. When they do, they struggle to get big corporations to pay. Weclaim world-class legal travel experts will stand up for theirs rights free of charge. In case of success, we will share our commission with you.

2% of your customers will experience a travel disruption this year.

On average they are lawfully owed $400.

Here's what's in it for you and your customers.

Valuable service for your customers

Everyone wants to be pampered.

  • Sell more ticket ticket with the Weclaim’s opt-out insurance; or
  • Provide additional services to your customers once a travel disruption occurred

Increase customer loyalty

  • We deal with all the paperwork.
  • You get all the credit.

Earn money

We share our commission with you.

  • Get a 10% commission for each successful claim.
  • Monetize existing client base:inform your customers of their rights to compensation for their past flights (6 years back).

Here's how we do it.

Weclaim's opt-out insurance

Integrate the Weclaim's opt-out insurance in your booking flow and provide your customers with piece of mind before their trip.

  • Client buys a flight with an included coverage from weclaim. No extra payment required.
  • If their flight is cancelled or delayed, we will instantly open a claim for them and process it.
  • Everyone gets paid.

Weclaim's opt-out insurance will help differentiate yourself from competitors and increase conversions.

Weclaim's flight compensation algorithm

Weclaim's API allows you to connect your database to our technology to detect in real time which of your clients' reservations are eligible to compensation. Our algorithm is the most advanced on the market and scans flights eligible for EU261 and Montreal Convention compensation.

  • A flight gets cancelled or delayed.
  • Our flight compensation algorithm checks eligibility based on the applicable law.
  • The passenger is informed by sms or email of his/her rights and validates his/her claim online in a few clicks.
  • Everyone gets paid.

No need for us to access any of your customer's personal data:the flight number and the date will do.

20.000 tickets on average accrue to €150.000 of compensation

Our clients' recommendations speak volumes.

Ready to bring your customer service to the next level and get a new revenue stream?