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I started using Weclaim in 2015 and am very happy I did! I have several pending claims (flight delay; luggage delay; missed flight) and have already been compensated for a canceled flight (Hop!) and a delayed flight (British Airways). Weclaim’s team is courteous, responsive, efficient and available: I placed my initial phone call on a Friday night at 7pm, and Frédéric PELOUZE – Weclaim’s founder – picked up the line. I find the website easy to use. In addition, I’m always able to talk to a lawyer and get an understanding of the process and timeline. I receive status updates; Weclaim take over my travel disruption issues and deal with them on my behalf: it’s simple and worry free! It’s nice to know we can rely on professionals who are on our side, committed to get the highest compensation for us passengers, too often at the mercy of the airlines. Thank you and keep up the good work!

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Caroline C.

United States

I got bumped off a flight and even though the airline did provided a substitute transportation to get to Paris I wasn't sure whether they had the right to oversell tickets like that. I asked Weclaim about my rights and ended up giving them my case. Got paid in less than 30 days. Couldn't ask for a better outcome.

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Mikael ATTAR


I could not get on my flight to Odessa via Kiev because Ukraine Airlines messed up with my reservation. Lost my whole ticket and had to buy a more expensive last minute ticket. The airline just wouldn’t refund me nor compensate me while their mistake was obvious. I turned over to Weclaim and they nailed it. They reached a settlement in a few months. Loved that the claim handler in charge of my case kept me posted at each step of the process.

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Jeremy Bouhy


Air France not only cancelled my flight but I also had to leave from another airport and the taxi costs were left at my expense. In these moments, you just hope that someone who knows your rights will defend you. Guys at Weclaim are perfect for that. Even though we had to go to court, the case was eventually settled, but it was worth the fight. It's nice to know that there are people out there that have your back when your travel provider screws it.

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Michele Coste


from TrustPilot

I would and have recommend Weclaim to family and friends to benefit from their services. Thank you Weclaim crew for a job well done.


Anita Iyeli


from TrustPilot

On October 2013 i had a trip to NY from Athens via London with British Airways. Due to unknown reason there was a 4 hours delay with a result of loosing my connection flight. That was my first experience with delays and lost connection. During the next years i faced the same issues and then i released my rights as an air passenger, claiming directly to the airline companies. When I tried to claim that old case with British airways, I had left with 1 month period before the 5 years claim period expires (It was Sept 2018). During the procedure I faced some dead end such as, "When did you arrive at your destination", "What was the new connection flight that was booked", "Provide a copy of this booking reference" etc. Of course, someone inexperience like me back to 2013, was unaware of all of these and no booking references or any other evidences has been archived. After some research over the internet and contacting several companies that were able to claim a compensation on behalf of me, none of them were able to fulfill the claim because they keep asking me the same evidence as the airline company. Then I found WeClaim. I did the same procedure as I did with the other companies and quest what, they ask to provide the same evidences... I explained to them that due to this 5 years delay I had no data to provide. that was my last communication with Weclaim. Now I was sure that there was no hope to complete this compensation claim and I quit on October 2018 (5 years after my trip)... After 4 months (!!), February 2019 i started to receive some emails ,all from Weclaim, with subject like "Your claim is officially complete!", "Claim sent" . I thought that was just another ad email. But when I saw an email with subject "Compensation will be paid !", I said What??!!! All of this period guys at Weclaim must be working on that claim ! Thank you


Klearhos Stratakos


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