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Take advantage of the most advanced legal technology to serve your customers.

A Weclaim partnership will turn travel disruptions into cash for you and your clients.


Weclaim, the travel claim compensation solution for insurers.

Although most of the insurer’s business is based on traditional insurance models, many innovative insurers have recently looked for ways to diversify their offerings. Weclaim white label Justice as a Service solution enable insurer to explore a different approach and create a new microservices model based on small, single risks with a fully automated consumer journey.

Travel Insurer

  • Offering insurance for flight cancelled by the customer is great. Providing an on-demand travel claim compensation services when the disruption is caused by the airline is even better.
  • Placing our Compensation Calculator as a co-branded or fully-branded white label on your website will allow you to cover all travel disruptions situations encountered by your customers.
  • We'll still do all the work, but you'll get all the credit!

Legal insurer

  • Get the most advanced travel claims processing tool in the world. Our legal algorithms allow you to send a claim in record time and seize the court in a few clicks if necessary.
  • Offer your policyholders a unique experience thanks to an intuitive dashboard equipped with an internal messaging system that will ensure your policyholders regular monitoring of the progress of their claims.

Gone are the days when policyholders' claims were bad news. With weclaim on-demand travel claim solution, every new claim earns you a client and money.


Our clients' recommendations speak volumes.

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