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1. About Weclaim

What does Weclaim do?

Weclaim is a justice as a service web application that helps travellers around the world to receive cash compensation when their travel goes wrong (missed, cancelled, delayed, and overbooked flights, luggage issues, train and ferry disruptions).

Does Weclaim have legal experts with first hand expertise in travel claim?

Yes. Our team is composed of world-class travel legal experts. We have been successfully resolving claims for our clients for over 3 years. A legal travel expert will personally handle your claim and can be reached via your personal dashboard if you have a question.

Why should I use Weclaim?

Weclaim is a perfect online claim solution for frustrated passengers who don’t want to deal with the hassle. We provide travellers with an online claim eligibility and compensation calculator free of charge. If your claim is valid, we will process it free of charge and fight until you get paid.

2. About the sign up process

What is the Assignment of Rights that I have to sign?

In order to enable us to act for you we ask that you to sign an assignment contract pursuant to which you assign your claim to Weclaim. It is used only for the purpose of collecting the compensation.

Why do I have to give Weclaim my phone number?

To speed up the resolution process. That way if we have any questions regarding your claim, we can reach you quickly.

Are my personal information and documents safe?

We fully comply with all EU data protection laws and your data is stored on an Amazon European servers, so it’s safe.

Why do I have to provide my IDs?

Your ID (along with those of your fellow passengers) are required to prove your identity. Once the compensation is paid we remove your ID from our servers.

Can I add fellow passengers in my claim?

Yes, each and every of them. You can either add them to your claim or invite them to start their own if they were on a different reservation.

Can I provide the documents later if I don’t have them at hand?

Yes. You can connect at anytime to your account and upload the required documents or send them directly to your account with the dedicated email address that was provided to you.

How can I track the progress of my claim?

You can check the status of your claim in your personal dashboard. Each and every new development is always notified to you and you can connect anytime to see where we stand.

3. About cost and pricing

How much does the service cost if the matter is settled amicably?

If the claim is settled amicably, we will charge a Settlement Fee. Please check our Pricing List for more details.

How much does the service cost if the case goes to court?

If the claim is won in court, we will charge a Legal Action Fee in addition to the the Settlement Fee. Please check our Pricing List for more details.

Do I have to pay Weclaim if the claim is unsuccessful?

No. You don’t owe us anything if the claim is unsuccessful.

4. About the amicable resolution process

How long does the claim process take?

On average we settled claims in approximately 70 days. Sometimes it takes more than that depending on your case and who is the air carrier.

Why is the claim process sometimes taking much longer?

Some claims are processed by companies faster than others. This time varies depending on the carrier, the time of year and the number of claims the carrier must process. Unfortunately, in some rare cases this process takes up to several months. Do not lose hope because in the end we will get an answer and we will take them to court if necessary.

What happens if a settlement agreement is reached with the company?

If the claim is settled amicably we will pay you the compensation on your bank account within 30 days after the money hits our bank account.

What should I do if the carriers contacts me personally after Weclaim filed a claim for me?

Contact the legal expert in charge of your case immediately. Airlines sometimes try to offer passenger less than what they are entitled to. We will always claim what the law provides you are owed.

Can I use Weclaim if my travel claim was wrongfully rejected?

Yes. If you believe the carrier wrongfully rejected your claim you can start a claim with us and our legal expert.

Is Weclaim systematically claiming additional compensation for travellers?

Some travel disruptions can have far greater financial consequences than the simple fixed compensation provided for by the European regulations. This is why Weclaim - unlike all others - will systematically claim additional compensation when your situation warrants it. That's more money for you.

What happens if the carrier never replies?

If the carrier does not respond, your claim will be submitted to our senior legal team for a legal assessment. The next step will be to take the matter to the competent court if your claim is considered legally viable.

5. About the court phase

Who determines whether a claim should be brought before the court?

Weclaim’s senior legal team and legal partners will decide whether the case should be taken to court based on the legal merits of the claim. We will keep you informed at every step.

Do I have to pay the legal costs?

No, Weclaim pays all the extra costs, including court fees and attorney fees and you don’t have to pay these costs whether the case is won or lost. If we win the case in court, we charge the Legal Action Fee. See our Pricing for more details.

Do I have to pay Weclaim if the claim is rejected by the Court?

No, you don’t have to pay us anything if the Court rejects the claim.

How long does the court phase last?

On average, the court phase lasts 10 months.

Ready to get cash compensation?

If you experienced a travel disruption in the past five years, you might be owed some money. Give us your travel details and you’ll discover instantly how much you can get.