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Make money by talking to travelers about their rights.

Weclaim offers bloggers, influenceurs and travel sites one of most comprehensive travel affiliate program.

Monetize your website now

Step1Install affiliate tools.

Step2Visitor claims compensation.

Step3You get paid.

Get paid to empower the travelers community.

Weclaim is on mission to educate and empower travellers about their rights so that they can claim compensation when their travel goes wrong. At a time when the Millennials might be the most well-traveled generation in history and are ready to fight for their rights, there are more opportunities than ever for content creators and affiliate marketers to provide them with meaningful content and effective compensation solutions. Joining the Weclaim Travel Affiliate Program enables you to partner with the world's most trusted travel compensation claim company. Leverage our brand to help your audience get compensated.

Each year, 20 M+ passengers are owed over 7 billions in compensation.

What can you expect?

Partner with a global brand people trust

Our world-class travel legal expert have been successfully helping the travel community for years. Our website and tools are multilingual, so you can work with travellers all around the world!

High Conversion Rate

A swift, well-designed and clear onboarding process ensures a high conversion rate.

20% Commission

We give you 20% out of the commission that Weclaim takes from each paid compensation. This means that when a traveller gets compensation, you'll get paid simultaneously.

30 Day Cookies

All user claims made within this period will be credited to your account, with claim details displayed in your Dashboard.

Quick Turnaround

We have successfully processed hundreds of thousands of claims and the number keeps growing every day. On average, 70% of our claims are settled in 67 days.

No set up fee

Weclaim Travel compensation Affiliate Program is free and it's easy to become a partner! There are no set up fee attached, and our Affiliate Program is straightforward and easy to implement.

How does it work?

We just need your name and email to set up your account. It's free, easy and it will put extra money in your pockets!

Point, click, earn

Install affiliate tools.

These tools include web banner ads and links that can be directed to an individualized landing page for your audience.

Visitor claims compensation.

Your web visitors claims compensation online free of charge : we only get paid if they are compensated.

You get paid.

Monitor and track your earnings online. Real-time reporting is available 24-7. Get paid when a claim is settled. Commission checks are sent monthly.

How much will you earn?

Your earnings are calculated based on a 20% commission from the successful compensation claim. We've been told by other affiliates that the service simply sells itself so if you're a travel blogger, all you need to do is offer it to your clients. The more referrals you send to Weclaim, the higher your income.

Unlimited commissions

Let's assume that a young couple flies from New York to Paris and got delayed by 5 hours.

EU 261 Compensation


Your income: €60

Additional Compensation


Your income: €23

8250 €

Your possible profit from a successful registered claim.

Example of an affiliate monthly payouts up to July'18

  • 8923
  • 8912
  • 7154
  • 6232
  • 5549
  • 4839
  • 3927
  • 3490
  • 3101
  • 2349

Total payout since January'18

Ready to provide compensation solutions to the traveler community?