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Weclaim is an online dispute resolution platform founded in 2015. Our goal is to make justice as swift and efficient as possible. We achieve this by providing cutting edge legal technology.

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Our Team.

Reshaping the legal industry requires extraordinary dedication and stamina and involves a wide range of inter-connected disciplines. Our team consists of experts in the fields of law, technology and design to provide claimants with global, innovative and efficient legal services. We are committed to meeting the expectations of our clients by focusing on innovation. We know that we must constantly evolve to improve the quality of our products and services. Flexibility and innovation are at the heart of our offering towards positively and significantly affect a growing industry.

Frédéric Pelouze

Frédéric Pelouze

Charismatic, passionate and pragmatic, Frederic lived and breathed the world of law from the inside. At Bredin Prat, he worked as an M&A lawyer before co-founding in 2013 the first litigation finance company in France, Alter Litigation. Through both his academic background (Frederic graduated from Columbia University (NY, USA)) and professional expertise, Frederic has hands-on experience on litigation, European and international regulation and legal technology. At Weclaim, he is in charge of all operations activities and development of the Insurance SaaS Product. He is also the co-founder of the first European legal incubator. Frédéric regularly publishes on legal and innovation issues. He is also a regular guest speaker. He recently spoke at the World Congress of Legal Expenses Insurers in Montreal in 2017 and at the American Bar Association Annual Conference in 2018.

Damien Couture

Damien Couture

Damien heads the technological and software development of the platform. Damien graduated from the prestigious Ecole Polytechnique in France and holds a MSc in Applied Mathematics from the university of Paris 6. He has worked for 8 years as a quant/data scientist in a finance company specializing in statistical arbitrage in London before joining Weclaim.

Damien is in charge of the developement of legal technology, ranging from the to the automatic seizure of the courts.

Chloé Bougard

Chloé Bougard

Chloé is a leading international in-house lawyer with top-notch expertise in travellers' rights around the world. Chloé graduated from Paris II Panthéon Assas. Chloé manages Weclaim's legal activities and participates in the development of legal algorithms.


Our technology.

Weclaim has invested a lot of money and time to develop a full-fledged claim robot that can assess a travellers claim’s eligibility and compensation and determine the values of the different options for legal action.

Our robot offers in-house lawyers decision support tools by determining, for example, which court should be seized based on criteria such as the estimated duration of the court phase, the estimated value of the total compensation, language, etc.

This allows teams to make rational data-based decisions and free up time to support consumers and focus on more complex complaints.

The future of law relies on the brightest minds and the biggest hearts.

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